Winner of 2022 Best Newcomer Award in the UK VA Awards.

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With over 20 years working as a Director’s PA / Legal Secretary / Executive Assistant in law firms in London and the Cayman Islands, I have the highly professional, friendly, top assistant background you need to realise your administration support dreams.


I just wanted to say that although I have only known you for a short time, I already have complete confidence in your ability to help sort out a mess of neglected paperwork. You are not only efficient but have a most engaging personality. I am so grateful that you were recommended to us.

Colette is amazing, I’d make her full time if I could.

Colette’s cool, calm and organised approach turned a big task for me into a small, neat and efficiently completed task for her.

A great extension to our team. Both I and our clients are extremely satisfied and pleased to have Colette’s services available to us.

Colette’s attention to detail and client service is first-rate: she adds value in so many ways, and is trustworthy and reliable to her core. More than just another assistant, she is an integral part of the team… virtually.

Colette is a safe set of hands for me at our busy Financial Planning Practice. She has formed fantastic relationships with our clients, and she is a joy and pleasure to work with. She is very conscientious, takes great pride in her work and her attitude to get the job done is second to none.

I gave Colette some admin work that I didn’t feel like doing. But for her, she was excited about doing it. Her enthusiasm to do the job was infectious. I couldn’t help myself from giving her the job. There are so many other jobs I don’t like doing. A virtual assistant buys you time that helps you focus on the things you like doing. It’s a no brainer.

When you run your own business sometimes the background stuff can be overwhelming and maybe not the best place to spend your valuable time. If that’s the case then Colette is the person for you, she loves that background stuff, with her knowledge, skills, professionalism and legal background, she will probably do it better and more efficiently than you. She is great to work with, why aren’t you already!

I don’t want to ever change VA again now.

I have worked with many PAs and EAs and never have I worked with someone so proactive, understanding and organised.

It has been my wish for a long time to find someone like you.

Working with Colette has been a game-changer for me. Long busy days at work and young children mean that home admin is generally pushed to the bottom of the pile, so I asked Colette if she could help me. Within a day, I was feeling much more relaxed and less anxious about the things that needed doing as she took my list and tackled in a very thorough, methodical and professional way. She is a delight to work with, extremely organised and thoughtful and I cannot recommend her services enough – I will certainly be continuing to work with her.

I have been delighted with the excellent work and support Colette has provided me and my company since we started working together. I have been really impressed with her work ethic and her professional approach when dealing with my professional colleagues and my clients. Dealing with Wills & Estate Planning can be a sensitive matter and Colette has adapted well not only understanding the industry but the way to communicate with clients, capture information and follow up with any outstanding information. She also arranges my diary and books meetings whilst liaising with clients and potential clients. I am so pleased to have her on board and appreciate everything she does.

I worked with Colette whilst she was a PA to a senior corporate partner at an international law firm, where I was a partner. She was a delight to deal with: always hard-working, thorough and reliable, combined with being a very calm and pleasant personality. She was the sort of person who made life easy for the legal team working around her, often under great stress and tight deadlines. One always knew that anything she was asked to do would come back on time and perfectly completed. I would be happy to recommend her for any PA role

I worked with Colette from 2003-2006 when she was a legal secretary at a law firm in the Cayman Islands where I was a partner. Colette was always very organized, detail oriented and took an active interest in the legal transactions. Colette would take initiative instead of just waiting to be asked and was an extremely quick learner. This really added value to the client service and she was considered a key member of the team supporting a number of lawyers. In addition, our clients liked her personable but professional manner. I would have no hesitation recommending Colette for any personal assistant role and we were all very sad to see her leave to return to London.

I have known Colette for over 20 years, going back to the time when she was PA and legal secretary to me and a fellow partner at a City law firm. She was always excellent at her job: highly organised, efficient, reliable and great at dealing with both colleagues and clients alike – a great asset to any team.

Colette was my assistant when I worked in a law firm in the Cayman Islands. I had a very busy practice and Colette was amazing in every way. I trusted her to get things done and knew that she always had my back. I would highly recommend Colette to anyone needing a top level PA.

I worked closely with Colette for many years in her capacity as an executive assistant at a City Law Firm in London. Colette executed all her duties with remarkable diligence and attention to detail. She was always on top of the detail and highly organised. Her efficiency meant that we could all go faster as a team. However, the part that impressed me most was her attitude and ability to go beyond her job description. She would always take an interest in the deals and want to do everything she could to help us succeed. This was all done with good humour and a smile.

I had the pleasure of working with Colette in a silver circle law firm in London. Colette is everything you want in an assistant – she is careful and shows attention to detail and initiative as well as being technically adept. Colette can work out what is required in a document without you spelling out every specific – for example fixing style and formatting errors that you might not have seen. Colette is also great in looking after your needs and making sure you have everything you need to do your job to the highest standard as well as being a caring and fun personality to work with. Highly recommend Colette!

Colette was my PA for a number of years in my role as a lawyer at a leading international law firm. I relied on Colette to keep my busy practice running smoothly – something which she did with considerable aplomb (whilst balancing the needs of the other practitioners for whom she was also PA). The key to her success was her ability to think, and act, proactively; ensuring we managed the tight deadlines which are a fact of our business. She is incredibly personable, calm, and hard-working. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services as a PA.

Colette was my PA for a number of years whilst I was still in private practice. Her work was always superb – not only was her work product always excellent with nothing to correct or amend but also it was always delivered in a timely and efficient manner. I never had to give her instructions twice and I could rest assured that things will get done. Her professionalism and understanding of the business and the clients’ objectives are key as well; something which is missing in the PA market unfortunately. Operating in a highly confidential and demanding environment requires a lot of dedication, responsiveness, necessity to act quickly whilst staying calm and collected. I miss Colette’s attitude, which is second to none – always being proactive, pre-empting and resolving issues quickly and hitting extremely urgent deadlines. Keep up the good work! I hope we will have the chance to work together again!

I worked with Colette recently when I needed some extra help for a client. I received everything that was asked for and in less time than expected. She explained what she could and couldn’t do and this was helpful as I knew what to expect. Great service and bespoke to my requirements.

I worked with Colette in an offshore law firm with a demanding, international, client base. Colette was able to handle stretching timeframes, difficult clients and all with calm, warm professionalism and was always proactive and a step ahead. Now as a business owner myself I am not only using her as my VA myself but am delighted to recommend her to friends and clients alike. You won’t be disappointed!